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Many Forex programmes out there leave the students fending for themselves in the market after a few days of “intensive training”. With bare-minimum practice and limited support from their trainers, these aspiring Forex traders “crash and burn” within the first few weeks of actual trading, and vow never to step foot in the market again.

Students at Order Flow Trader enjoy a completely different experience. Your real learning starts after the 3-day tutorial, when you begin to apply your newly-learnt techniques in the Forex market.

Seasoned Forex coach Benny Liang understands that traders need time, practice and encouragement to build confidence and hone their skills in Forex trading. Through his dedicated post-programme support system, he personally handholds each and every of his students so that you receive the mentorship, resources and support you need to thrive in your trading journey and see your profits come true.


When you join our amazing community, you will get the following benefits!

Live Training

Online Support



Preparatory Workshop
3 hours


Learn the basics of Forex trading before attending the programme.


3-Day Tutorial
19 hours


Learn to apply a rule-based Forex trading strategy by following a powerful step-by-step process.

Unlimited Re-attendance Need a refresher? Re-attend the 3-Day Tutorial at a nominal admin fee.


Monthly Gathering
3-4 hours
Review your trading progress and get extra practice at these booster mentorship sessions.


Weekly Market
Analysis Webinars


Get the latest Forex trading insights through these live interactive video sessions.


Private Discussion Groups
Analysis Webinars


Learn and improve by studying the market with like-minded peers.


Personal Email Consultation


Clarify your questions and doubts through one-to-one Q&As with your coach.

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The administrative support provided by the staff were great.

Having an excellent coach like Benny helps.

Benny was very enthusiastic in imparting his knowledge and experience which made the learning process more interesting and enjoyable despite having to absorb those heavy content within such a short time.

The OFT support system is great and genuine and the Student Mentors share their experiences and view with us

~Khoon Huat
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