Why Trade in Forex?

Trading in Forex has never been easier with the currency market being the largest and most active financial market in the world, with a huge trading volume of $4 trillion a day.

With the different timezones available, you can basically trade 24/7 at your own convenience.

Unlike the stock market where you have to spend copious amount of time and effort analysing thousands of companies, Forex traders only need to focus their strategy on fewer than 10 currency pairs to accumulate good returns.

The good news about trading in Forex?

You can even start trading with capital from as low as USD$300*.

*Subjected to different brokerages

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The administrative support provided by the staff were great.

Having an excellent coach like Benny helps.

Benny was very enthusiastic in imparting his knowledge and experience which made the learning process more interesting and enjoyable despite having to absorb those heavy content within such a short time.

The OFT support system is great and genuine and the Student Mentors share their experiences and view with us

~Khoon Huat
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