What is Order Flow Trading?

What causes price movements in the financial markets? It is the imbalance between sellers and buyers. One of the ways we can win in the market is to locate the levels that experience the greatest imbalance, and get ready to trade when the price reaches that level. This is the core concept of trading with supply-demand imbalance.

Order Flow Trader™ is designed to help you identify the great imbalance between the buy and sell orders, so that you can pick up tradable patterns long before we can see them unfold on the chart.

By following a powerful step-by-step process, you will learn how to apply rule-based strategies in any financial market, helping you increase your opportunities of winning trades and generate consistent profits.

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The administrative support provided by the staff were great.

Having an excellent coach like Benny helps.

Benny was very enthusiastic in imparting his knowledge and experience which made the learning process more interesting and enjoyable despite having to absorb those heavy content within such a short time.

The OFT support system is great and genuine and the Student Mentors share their experiences and view with us

~Khoon Huat
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